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TRACK 2: Best Practices in Writing Contracts, Policies and Disciplinary Memos

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Proper documentation will always be your most treasured weapon to get out of every dispute. The written contracts, policies, and disciplinary memos will defend you when disagreement and conflict arise. Be guided in conceptualizing and writing enforceable documents for your organization. Create structured and well-versed documents that are admissible by law. In this session, participants will:          1. create documents that are legally binding and admissible in court;          2. acquire more skills in formulating effective company policies;          3. enforce progressive discipline and disciplinary actions following the labor standards; and          4. know the recent legal issues in the academe and learn best practices from it.   COURSE OUTLINE:          I. Principles in Legal Writing       II. Contract Management Principles and Practices              A. Basic Elements of Contracts              B. Important Contractual Provisions/Clauses              C. Contract formation: How to construct legally binding agreements              D. Actions on Breach of Contract              E. Best Practices in Writing Contracts     III. Creating Policies that Work              A. Principles of Effective Policy Making              B. Differentiating Policy vs. Procedure              C. Developing Policy Content and Releasing to the Stakeholders              D. New and Critical Policies for the Digital Age              E. Practical Tools on Policy Writing and Implementation     IV. Guidelines in Writing Disciplinary Memo              A. Guidelines for Classified Employee Disciplinary Action              B. What are the Acts of Progressive Discipline?              C. Elements of Disciplinary Action              D. Pitfalls to Avoid in Writing a Disciplinary Memo     V. The Role of the Department of Labor and Employment    VI. Current Legal Issues in the Academe   VII. Cases/Sharing     SEMINAR INVESTMENT FEE      Regular Rate Walk-In Rate Member Php 2,800.00 (per pax/session) Php 3,800.00 (per pax/session) Non-Member Php 3,800.00 (per pax/session) Php 4,800.00 (per pax/session) Cut-off  of registration and payment Strictly until October 12, 2018 only  Starting October 13, 2018 onwards * Seminar Investment Fee is Tax Inclusive. REGISTER THROUGH THESE BUTTONS   DOWNLOAD HERE            REGISTER ONLINE    FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT OTHER TRACKS CLICK HERE    
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