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School HRMD Practitioners, Inc.


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"We are the country’s premier human resource organization for schools that delivers programs beneficial to the academe world and its people.
Be a member, and join us as we gather Human Resource practitioners, school administrators, owners, faculty and educators across the region and the world, in our quest for a greater institutional efficiency and productivity and BE a world class school Human Resource."


Php1,000/ Jan to Dec. 31, 2020

  • non-transferable
  • Discounts on conventions and learning sessions
  • opportunity to build your own network
  • Click Here to check on the Affliate Membership

Jr. Affiliate


  • non-transferable
  • Must be students enrolled in Human Resource or Psychology or any related course
  • Discounts on Jr. AASHPI conventions and Jr. AASHPI learning sessions
  • opportunity to build your own network
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