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The 70:20:10 Learning and Development framework is a current learning trend to improve workforce performance with the concept that 70% of learning is experiential, 20% of learning is social and 10% of learning is through formal education.
As the Philippine government creates a higher standard of education in public schools and State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), it aims to attract professionals by providing competitive salaries and benefits package.
Recognizing and having a strong pipeline of high potential leaders is vital for the long-term success of any organization. HR plays a significant role in the selection process and in defining the characteristics of these high potential leaders based on the needs and culture of the organization.
 “Emerging Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies are rapidly changing how people, business, society, and nations interact. Universities have a pivotal role to play. Their ability lies in three main dimensions: developing new technologies; grappling with the broader consequences of the 4IR, and educating the next generation” - World Economic Forum
Join all school owners, school administrators, human resource practitioners, faculty, and educators as we address the threats and reap the benefits of the 4th Industrial Revolution!
Monday, 28 May 2018 01:23
  PROCEDURES FOR PAYMENT For on-site payment, forward cash or check (payable to Asian Association of School Human Resources Management and Development Practitioners, Inc.) payment to AASHPI Center c/o Southville International School and Colleges, 1281 Tropical Ave. cor. Luxembourg St., BF International, Las Piñas City. - or - For off-site payment, send bank remittance to AASHPI Bank Account: S/A 1451-7000-1513 PNB, Aguilar Avenue Branch, Las Piñas City. Fax the remittance slip to telefax (02) 825-3985 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. together with the registration form. Only acknowledged registration and payment will be recorded. Please ensure that transmittals are acknowledged by the Secretariat. You may e-mail the Secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (02) 825-2358 loc 105/164 or 0917-6626782 for confirmation. CANCELLATION BY DELEGATE: Cancellation must be done at least one (1) week before the event. The delegate may send a substitute or request for refund of the amount paid. Cancellation/ Substitution should be done in writing and duly acknowledged by the Secretariat. In case of refund, kindly indicate in the letter your institution’s bank details such as the name of bank, account name, account number, type of account and branch. Refund of the amount paid will be less 40% processing charge. No refund will be made for cancellation after February 21, 2019. Non-appearance or failure to send notice as scheduled will result in forfeiture of the full amount paid.
Saturday, 14 April 2018 02:31
PRESIDENT: Ms. Marilou Albano Holy Trinity College, General Santos City   VICE PRESIDENT: Mr. Ronel Anthony Doctolero DOLE Philippines School SECRETARY: Ms. Ma. Lourdes Cantor Notre Dame of Midsayap College
Saturday, 14 April 2018 02:20
PRESIDENT: Ms. Leila Amatong Andres Bonifacio College VICE PRESIDENT: Ms. Maribel Salgados Claret School of Zamboanga City
Saturday, 14 April 2018 02:14
PRESIDENT: Ms. Annie Corpin STCDCFI VICE PRESIDENT: Msgr. Oscar Cadayona St. Joseph College SECRETARY: Ms. Manuelilda Rosario Torrevillas Samar College, Inc. TREASURER: Br. Darwin Loro Liceo Del Verbo Divino AUDITOR: Mr. Edgardo Lopez Christ the King College - Calbayog City PRO: Ms. Jackie Lou Tan Samar College, Inc.
What does it take to be a successful leader? Being promoted means meeting new challenges, facing new responsibilities and learning new skills. Strengthen the management skills of your new leaders. Heighten it through a highly participatory learning experience that is centered in an academic setting. At the end of this session, participants will be able to: overcome the hurdles of being a new leader; learn techniques on how to influence others; develop leadership skills and be a natural leader; and build a team working toward common goals. COURSE OUTLINE: Overview of Leadership Leadership Defined Leadership vs. Management: The Difference Leadership Styles Inventory Leadership Practices Journey to Becoming a Leader Goal Setting for Success The Art of Influencing Others Leadership Challenges & How to Overcome It Handling Multi-Generation Workforce Conflict Resolution Planning Creating Successful Teams Workshop SEMINAR INVESTMENT FEE    *Group Rate Regular Rate Walk-In Rate Member Php 2,000.00 (per pax/session) Php 2,500.00 (per pax/session) Php 3,000.00 (per pax/session) Non-Member Php 3,500.00 (per pax/session) Php 4,000.00 (per pax/session) Php 4,500.00 (per pax/session) Cut-off  of registration and payment Strictly up to April 20, 2018 only From April 21,  2018 onwards *GROUP RATE applies to school that will be sending four (4) or more representatives; strictly applicable for those who will settle registration and payment on or before April 20, 2018.  For group registrations from April 21, 2018 onwards, REGULAR RATE  shall be the reference of payment.   REGISTER THROUGH THESE BUTTONS  DOWNLOAD HERE            REGISTER ONLINE    FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT OTHER TRACKS CLICK HERE    
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