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Saturday, 07 March 2020 03:34
  CORDILLERA ADMINISTRATIVE REGION: University of Baguio   REGION I: Polytechnic College of La Union   REGION II: Our Lady of the Pillar College-Cauayan, Inc.   REGION III: First City Providential College Assumpta Technical High School Central Luzon Doctors' Hospital Educational Institution Good Samaritan Colleges   NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION: Assumption College Ateneo de Manila University Domuschola International School / Lux Et Sul Corporation Don Bosco Tech. Institute-Makati Far Eastern University Holy Rosary Academy of Las Pinas Immaculada Concepcion College Immaculate Conception Academy Maria Montessori Foundation Inc National College of Business and Arts Our Lady of Perpetual Succor College PAREF-Southridge School, Inc. UST Angelicum College PAREF Woodrose School, Inc. MGC New Life Christian Academy   REGION IV: Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc. De La Salle University-Dasmariñas Diocese of Imus Catholic Educational System, Inc. Golden Faith Academy Laguna BelAir Science School Our Lady Of Peace School Rizal College of Taal Saint Michael's College of Laguna The Beacon Academy, Inc. Unida Christian College De La Salle Medical & Health Sciences Institute   REGION V: St. Louise de Marillac College of Sorsogon St. Peter's Academy, Inc. Mabini Colleges, Incorporated   REGION VI: Ateneo De Naga University Hercor College, Inc. La Consolacion College Bacolod Riverside College, Inc. STI West Negros University   REGION VII: Asian College of Technology International Educational Foundation B.R.I.G.H.T. Academy St. Louis School of Don Bosco, Inc. University of Bohol   REGION IX: Universidad de Zamboanga    REGION X: La Salle Academy    

2020 AASHPI Membership

Friday, 03 January 2020 08:33
        START THE YEAR RIGHT! Continue to be part of the country's premier Human Resource organization for schools committed to build people and institutions! Be a member of AASHPI and join our quest for greater institutional efficiency and productivity and explore possibilities to network with Human Resource Practitioners all over the country.  RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP AS EARLY AS TODAY!   WHY JOIN AASHPI? Get timely and firsthand information through learning sessions and publications that will tackle emerging HRMD issues in schools; Develop professional competencies and skills in organizational development, people management, career systems and human resource training and development; Provide a forum where views and insights regarding HRMD emerging concerns that affect educational institutions are heard; Draw support and inspiration from other school HRMD practitioners in the Philippines and in Asia; Avail of discounts from learning sessions and conventions; Serve as consultative body when an educational institution has human resource concerns; and Avail of free two-week job posting in the website. Posting is on a first-come, first-served basis due to limited slots. Click to read more...   Haven't renewed your membership yet? Here's how. ONLINE FORM PRINTABLE FORM MEMBERSHIP FEE   INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP Eligibility Any educational institution in good standing, duly licensed and registered by national or international accrediting bodies. The school commits to support the activities of AASHPI through its duly designated representatives. The school shall designate a regular and an alternate representative from the institution with the following qualifications: the REGULAR REPRESENTATIVE must preferably be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operations Officer (COO) or President, Principal, Director or Personnel/HR Practitioner or one who is holding a managerial or administrative or supervisory position in the school, and the ALTERNATE REPRESENTATIVE must be someone designated by the school as its alternate member. INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP Eligibility The applicant should be of good moral standing in the community and in an educational institution that is duly licensed and registered by national or international accrediting bodies. He/ She is interested in the area of HRMD. He/ She commits to support the activities of AASHPI through his/ her direct participation. AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP Eligibility Affiliate Member could either be an institution or individual interested in the area of HRMD. The AFFILIATE INSTITUTIONAL/INDIVIDUAL member applicant is from a non-educational organization that is of good standing and duly registered by national or international accrediting bodies. The member applicant commits to support the activities of AASHPI through its duly designated representatives. An AFFILIATE INSTITUTIONAL member applicant shall designate a regular and an alternate representative, from the institution, with the following qualifications: the REGULAR REPRESENTATIVE must preferably be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operations Officer (COO) or President, Principal, Director or Personnel/HR Practitioner or one who is holding a managerial or administrative or supervisory position in the institution, and the ALTERNATE REPRESENTATIVE must be someone designated by the institution as its alternate member.   Register as a MEMBER and avail of the SPECIAL RATE in the upcoming AASHPI Learning Sessions.      
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