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PLENARY 2: High Potential Leaders: Accelerating HR’s Value in the Organization

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Recognizing and having a strong pipeline of high potential leaders is vital for the long-term success of any organization. HR plays a significant role in the selection process and in defining the characteristics of these high potential leaders based on the needs and culture of the organization.

 How can HR ensure that they select the right pool of high potential leaders? Who are the high potential leaders in your workforce? How can HR create a strategic roadmap to ensure the achievement of the organizational goals through its workforce?

  Join all school owners, school administrators, human resource practitioners, faculty, and educators as we address the threats and reap the benefits of the 4th Industrial Revolution!



August 29

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

August 30: DAY ONE

PLENARY 1 /KEYNOTE 4th Industrial Revolution: Impact in the Academe and its People
PLENARY 2 High Potential Leaders: Accelerating HR’s Value in the Organization
PLENARY 3 The Public School and SUCs Current and Future Salary System: Impact on Private Schools
PLENARY 4 70:20:10 Learning and Development Framework

August 31: DAY TWO

BREAKOUT SESSIONS TRACK 1: Research Presentations 
  TRACK 2: Enriching Values, Ethics & Wellness in the Workplace
  TRACK 3: Coaching and Working with Millennial
PLENARY 6 Gamification and Current Technologies in Upskilling People: A Training Strategy
PLENARY 7 Legal Updates in the Academe: Recent Rulings from CHEd, DepEd & TESDA
PLENARY 8 Re-Inventing Human Resources: A Roadmap to Succeeding in the 4th Industrial Revolution



  • ALLOW your organization to beat the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) through effective Human Resource Management techniques and strategies;
  • ACT as a partner in leveraging the effects in your organization of the disruptive changes in the employment landscape as a result of the 4IR;
  • SHARE with you legal updates that will help your organization maintain lawful standing through compliance with the recent rulings governing the educational setting;
  • HELP your organization re-invent Human Resources Management with the current advancements in technology, salary system, and workforce’s learning & development practices;
  • PREPARE your organization for the emergence of the new wave of talents that will define the future workforce in the academe and update you with the latest trends in Human Resources through various researches; and
  • INSPIRE you and your organizations to become a vanguard of the 4IR. 




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