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[JR. AASHPI VIRTUAL EXCHANGE 2022] "Nurturing Strength Based Resilience: Fostering Opportunities for Future HRMD Trailblazers" Featured

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Junior AASHPI is the official youth organization of college students who are enrolled in human resource, psychology and business administration across the country that is guided and supervised by the Association of School Human Resource Management and Development Practitioners Inc. (AASHPI). With its aim to incorporate future HRMD practitioners with competence, character, collaboration, creativity and commitment to become well rounded and globally competitive individuals who are committed to pursue excellence. 

The Junior AASHPI Virtual Exchange 2022 is an excellent avenue to appreciate the importance of experiential learning for future HRMD practitioners and obtain up to date information and new trends in HR management. This program is also a great opportunity for students to recognize the value of wellness, leadership and career growth as future game changers of various industries.






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