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Privacy of the School Stakeholders During Online Classes and Webinars

Saturday, 08 August 2020 09:59 Written by 
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Be equipped with the sharing of a legal expert on how to properly navigate in the digital world.


Virtual schooling and remote work are the new normal. Students, teachers and the rest of the school’s stakeholders are heavily dependent on video conferencing for day to day operation. Collaboration and communication become boundless in this virtual world. Accessing and sharing of information is a breeze with the online connection.

With the advent of online classes and webinars, how are you protected in terms of privacy? How can you ensure that your personal information is protected? How can you be legally compliant in the administration of virtual classes and webinars?

This session will focus on the following:

  1. Understanding the rights of the students and  teachers during virtual schooling, training and  webinars
  2. Data protection policies
  3. Data sharing practices 
  4. Social media controls 
  5. Guidelines in creating policies in virtual schooling and remote work
  6. Setting boundaries during virtual schooling and remote work


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