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Termination in the Academe


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Track 4: Legal Aspects of Employee Discipline and Termination in the Academe

Monday, 03 February 2020 06:45 Written by 
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True to its commitment to building people and institutions, AASHPI will once again collaborate with experts to share their knowledge and perspective through our February 2020 Learning Sessions which will be held on February 20-21, 2020 venue at The Amphitheater, LPU Culinary Insitute beside The Bayleaf, Intramuros, Manila. COURSE DESCRIPTION: Disciplining employees and making termination decisions can be a challenging job for anyone. Every decision can be crucial and every undertaking can lead to a risk of a lawsuit. Although risk can never be eliminated, it can definitely be mitigated. Having a clear idea of the proper disciplinary and termination procedures can serve as the best mitigating factor to prevent an employer from making huge mistakes that for some instance can be costly. There is nothing better than being in the limits of the law when you make these complex proceedings. Gain confidence in coming up with sound and informed decisions by knowing the legal aspects of employee discipline and termination.   HURRY AND REGISTER NOW! AVAIL OF THE EARLY BIRD RATE WHEN YOU REGISTER UNTIL 02.10.2020.   CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD REG FORM CLICK HERE REGISTER ONLINE   Excellence and Innovation in People Management
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