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How to be an Effective HR: Know Your Role in the Administration of HR Services


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Track 2: How to be an Effective HR: Know Your Role in the Administration of HR Services

Monday, 03 February 2020 06:03 Written by 
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True to its commitment to building people and institutions, AASHPI will once again collaborate with experts to share their knowledge and perspective through our February 2020 Learning Sessions which will be held on February 20-21, 2020 venue at The Amphitheater, LPU Culinary Insitute beside The Bayleaf, Intramuros, Manila. COURSE DESCRIPTION: The Human Resources Department plays a very vital role in an organization. As an HR practitioner, you add value to your institution. You don’t just source or recruit or terminate an employee but you support your employees by forming a culture of positivity and collaborative workplace. This learning session is intended to orient, direct, guide those who are new in HR or those who are practitioners but are not trained HR by professionals. It aims to get participants to: Learn the most important aspects of your job as a human resource practitioner; Become an agent of change by learning to identify and implement processes for change; Be trained by an expert speaker who not only has extensive experience in human resource, but also possesses a thorough understanding of HR; Become an employee champion by learning how to engage with the day-to-day problems and needs of your employees; and Become a strategic positioner by coming up with excellent HR initiatives beneficial to the organization.   HURRY AND REGISTER NOW! AVAIL OF THE EARLY BIRD RATE WHEN YOU REGISTER UNTIL 02.10.2020.   CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD REG FORM CLICK HERE REGISTER ONLINE   Excellence and Innovation in People Management
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